Here's what I'm working on...

East Village Coffeehouse Games night - 60% complete
Put out feelers for Games night interest
Going ahead with several interested participants
Pick a date and time
Starts on Sept 22nd 6-9 / Every #ThirdThursday
Save the date tweet
Set up Eventbrite
Blog post and twitter hype on @EVCoffeehouse

Corporate Imaging - 75% complete
Visit with Scott Arnold at Corporate Imaging and have a chat around business cards and promotional ideas
Idea designed and soon to be submitted for print job

Arts UnConference - In Progress
Generate discussion around idea of an 'Arts Camp' with interested parties - Ongoing
Have a talk with Adam Caplan & UnLondon Informal discussion held at #ELAGM11
Plan for time frame and event date - Anticipating either a November or January date

'Tweet for others' Idea/Start-up - Ongoing
Approach businesses and organizations regarding twitter and their use of it..if any. (Ongoing)
Develop twitter account, website, content - @heytheysay - in the works
Spoke with East Village Coffeehouse
Assume management of @EVCoffeehouse twitter account
Generate engagements, interesting discussions, highlight specials and atmosphere to increase business.
Initiate special events/nights - Musical performances, Board Games night, Convo Cafe

Arts Advocacy Group Social Media tutorial - In progress
Attend Arts Advocacy Symposium - created survey related to attendance of event
Develop a small but informative Social Media tutorial in advance of the October meeting
Meet with Clarke to go over survey results & Social Media talk potential

Develop idea/start-up for Odd Job Squad - In progress
An enterprise where teens can learn & earn
Home renovations and small construction projects
Contact Richard to have a further discussion
Create twitter account - @oddjobsquad

Startup Incubator / CSI London / Creative space(UnLab) - In progress
Goal - To have a space in London that would be the hub of activity for all interested individuals and groups to gather, learn and execute their ideas and projects resulting in viable start-up ventures and/or non-profit organizations within the city.

Initial Planning - Select project ideas from Emerging Leader's 40+ Community Projects* and pitch to their board the idea of bringing them 'in-house' to get started. Gauge interest and involvement/collaboration with EL and the Potential Partners listed for each project. Meet with Kevin Van Lierop to get the conversation started
- Request meetings with various business, organizations and individuals throughout London to discuss the 'Incubator' and see what (if any) time, resources and/or funding can be offered to partner, collaborate or sponsor the initiative. Eg. rtraction, Pillar Nonprofit Network, Echidna Solutions, Tech Alliance, etc.

Ideas for the physical space:
  • Design space - drafting table, easel, work bench for various creative projects
  • Hot-Spot workstations - LSFS?, rtraction? (film/web/graphic design)
  • Potential sound studio - opportunity with and individuals interested in membership
  • Board room for groups planning out start-up ideas
  • Physical space - chat with Titus Ferguson
  • more to come
*Emerging London List selected projects
If You Build It...Downtown Incubator and Scholarship Program (EL led)
Emerging Leaders want to get downtown and help it thrive! If You Build It.... will help establish affordable shared space in the downtown for EL-run businesses, social enterprises and special initiatives, as well as help establish the first ever downtown scholarship program for entrepreneurs looking to locate in the core.
Potential Partners
Downtown London, City of London and downtown landlords

HappyHour Programs
The Happy Hour program will help emerging talent expand their networks through regular monthly social events targeted by sector, (i.e. entrepreneurs, technology, manufacturing, education, arts).
Potential Partners
TechAlliance, London Chamber, Directors Club of London, IABC London, London Arts Council and other professional associations.

The EUnion - Support for Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneurs
The EUnion will see the development of a peer-to-peer support network for London's young entrepreneurs, including regular meetings, resources, mentors and communication/collaboration tools.
Potential Partners
London Economic Development Corporation, TechAlliance, London Small Business Centre

B2C: Linking business and creativity
B2C will focus on programs, events and educational opportunities to link London's business community with London's artists and creative class, including "ArtPreneur" programming.
Potential Partners
London Arts Council, The Arts Project, Creative Cities (City of London), The Aeolian Centre for the Performing Arts and Museum London.