15 August, 2011


Hey there!
You've reached my work space.

I wanted to provide a location by means of the info card you just scanned so that interested and interesting people such as yourself could stop in periodically and see what I'm working on.

I comprised a list of ongoing projects and initially started doing this so I could keep track of them for myself. Shortly after that exercise, the idea evolved into a public snapshot of my ideas and plans as people began to inquire about what I had on the go. The next step came about one day as I was reading up on QR (Quick Response) codes and their multitude of uses. I thought I would leverage this recent technology and add it to my self promotional tool-kit and see what others thought of it.

So to jump to my list of ongoing projects, you can view them here.

As well, when the mood does strike and I put up a blog post or two..you can read all of that fun stuff over here.

Thanks for scanning!